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Deleted thread archive

2012-09-22 00:23:55 by Sword-of-Kings

Sometimes when a thread gets deleted, I still have it open in a different tab so I screen cap it. This is where I am going to post dumping grounds links to the ones that I screen capped. If the thread is short enough to fit into one picture, the link will be the picture. If it takes multiple screenshots to get the thread, it will be in a zip file.

This is the first update since March 31, 2013. I'm going to start updating a new deleted thread archive here. I will probably upload a .zip of the screencapped deleted threads I've made since I stopped updating this.

1. Minecraft
2. The Walmart Game
3. Kitten Walks 6,500 Miles (NSFW)
4. Tomfulp
5. Discounted Ivory 2012 Wedding Dress
6. Discount Wedding Dress in Bachelor'
7. From Discount Wedding Dress To Wax
8. NG is gay
9. How to hack a networked computer (Posts after bump were deleted)
10. WTF BFP!?!?!?!?
11. You know I will screw you
12. Post Count = Amt. of Penises
13. Pour vous sac burberry
14. Please
15. Jordan Baketball [link=http://www.
16. download paranormal activity 4 movi
17. Luis!
18. To buy cheap ugg boots in our Uggs
19. nike uniforms nfl
20. Purchasing Low cost Prom Outfits or
21. Transcode Canon Xf300 xf305 To Pror
22. Stop
23. yo for real i'm actually back tho
24. 59 minutes from now (NSFW)
25. I fucked a squirrel
26. Photoshop this Crackhead
27. Ban Request
28. North Face Jackets - What To Glance
29. Yo Who wants to join my gang?
30. Opposite day thread
31. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk
32. Discover How You Can Make $587 Per
33. R U Mah Teevee
34. Jordan 11 for sale,pre order jordan
35. wellknown headsets now by enrollin
36. woman using the independent woolric
37. I relocated in order to woolrich s
38. uggs on sale online
39. Dressing up Tiny ones Reasonably f
40. Do not click on this!
41. I think I am gay
42. rubing my weiner
43. anyone else like taking baths..
44. The good thing about the 21st
45. Hey guys I have an idea
46. hello newgrounds
47. Prius owners are douchebags
48. you are all idiots
49. Minecraft is rubbish
50. Go here and leave a rude comment
51. I hate gays
52. The Best Toys For Preschool Childre
53. Great Christmas Gifts And Awesome C
54. My Review On Skyrim
55. Interior Home Designs of Rossendale
56. Continuation To Worldwar3 Message
57. Continuation To My Mw3 Message
58. i spAm niewngrounds
59. r u mah teevee
60. the next in Chiun cheap ugg
61. Items to know regarding rc helicopt
62. Attention NewGrounds Users
63. ugg anytime that you simply wish to
64. This Mulberry They Satchel
65. Nike silver heels Nike
66. 19th Century Costume Choices
67. fuck you!!! (contains gay porn)
68. Brochure Design
69. Homogenisering av markedsføring de
70. Shanghai Municipal Bureau of
71. Fashion bags and clothing with skil
72. Japanese knuse kjArlighet
73. The Aquagirl new handbags
74. im a big gay motherfucker
75. Poopity poop
76. Subject
77. ICF Ottawa forms are fantastic
78. Warning! Pedophile
79. Over the course of a few months to
80. that I pick a set Christian Loubout
81. nonetheless christian louboutin daf
82. newgrounds is under attack
83. my password is peachman123
84. 30% Off Enjoy Dvd Movies On Google
85. Oh hai NG
86. Sooooo
87. News Updates - Wirtschaftsdaten Zei
88. United States men's shoes
89. Made a sex site! What do you think
90. In Congress, July 4, 1776
91. High Court rules on financial settl
92. Stafffighter
93. The Truth
94. Christian Louboutin Uk Shoes, Quite
95. This is developed from christian l
96. hass and associates cyber security
97. A very General related thread
98. Disturbing(nsfw)
99. Yes thats right kids
100. afef
101. Iwatchmoviesonlin efree
102. maus
103. Hello, this is AnxietyDisorder.e xe
104. Welcome to the Salty Spitoon
105. How old are you
106. 30 Day bans
107. I keep repeating things newgrounds
108. I hate mods
109. Do you lift?
110. Happy Birthday to Zachary
111. Happy birthday Zachary
112. Pimp My ____
113. Needs to be darker
114. I fucked my dad
115. i beat up my girlfriend
116. Pony porn!? (NSFW)
117. i want you all to know

Here are the threads that were deleted before I had a chance to screen cap the thread. I only got to screen cap the title in these threads. For some reason some of them still show up on the thread list, but when you click on the thread, an error page comes up. I have no idea why some show up and some don't. These will be uploaded in zip files containing a folder named "Set #". The folders will have 5 deleted thread titles each.

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5
Set 6
Set 7
Set 8
Set 9
Set 10
Set 11
Set 12
Set 13
Set 14

Update 11/8/12 - I just found some deleted thread and deleted thread title files on my computer that I didn't upload yet. I also found some HTML files of deleted threads that I have uploaded, and others that I have not. Here are the links to them:

Celine bags in this fashion season
karmaloop codes
hi guyz!!
HToni il construisent la de maillot

HTML files for already uploaded threads

pour vous sac burberry
You know I will screw you
nike uniforms nfl


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2012-10-07 20:56:05

You'll never get anywhere near as many comments as me


Sword-of-Kings responds:

*insert crying emoticon here*


2012-10-12 18:10:21

I once turned a thread about Marlin Brando into a thread about date rape and it got deleted.
Now I'm pissed that I didn't screencap it.


2012-10-16 08:59:26

I like this, it's good that you made it


2013-03-12 20:44:30

add mining machinery co. pl0x

Sword-of-Kings responds:

I don't have it. What happened in the thread?


2013-03-12 21:13:52

umm a dude MP84 and his gf WildyRose started an indiegogo project that was crap, then they wanted 9000 euros, then General happened -- people started asking why they needed an exorbitant amount, then mp84 insulted the users, then i derailed the thread AND insulted the OP, and then when i check the thread the next day, it's as if it never existed.


2013-03-22 20:20:12


Sword-of-Kings responds:

Pain is weakness leaving the body.


2013-03-24 09:47:49

My threads live on.


2013-06-09 16:10:10

Should I start posting these threads in sets? It's a bitch to upload each thread individually.


2013-06-09 16:30:02

Should I upload a gigantic ZIP file with every deleted thread, upload smaller sets, and eventually include them with the gigantic set?


2013-07-01 21:05:51

This is fantastic.


2013-08-04 16:39:20

You suck fuck.

Sword-of-Kings responds:

Yeah. I guess I do. Is it because I haven't updated the thing in months?


2013-08-12 02:39:51

Well... This is impressive.... Too impressive.... You're either hiding child porn or drugs in these pictures...


2013-09-08 12:14:23

Why not host the HTML files on a free host?

Sword-of-Kings responds:

Like what?


2013-09-08 12:25:26



2013-11-16 09:49:33

Nr.117 is actually my favourite thread of Newgrounds, glad you saved it!


2015-01-24 19:48:50

What... What the hell is number 3? o.o


2015-02-12 01:11:04

Wouldn't you know it, the first thread I check is the same one @Monster-64 is asking about.

Talk about an evil title....


2015-02-26 12:49:09

This is cool.


2015-03-30 18:01:55

Thanks! A bunch of the OPs of those threads were deleted. I'm sure you know what that means for me!